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The game offers strategy play. Once you form your team, you can do several moves to prepare them for their quest for Ladenberg. The final quest requires your team to have improved on their skills and have increased power for battles. You can also gear up for the quest and rank them up against other teams. The great part of this game is that once you combine the heroes, you can customize to your own preferences to make the formidable team. Unlike other games where you are unable to customize the team’s skills, in Seven Knights, this is possible and much better is that you can customize your team’s formation too in order to strategize and prepare for battles. The game has different modes that a player can choose depending on his or her preferences. In Adventure Mode, you go through different continents. Once you conquer a continent, you move to the other. As you move ahead, you are able to train your heroes and improve the skills and formation of your team. Once you conquer the continents and you become a pro, then you head to Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, you contest against other players who are skilled to prove your worth.

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